R.C. Mahar Wall of Fame

We wish to recognize some graduates of Mahar. Congratulations on the success of the following individuals!

Greg Dunbar
Mahar Class of 2006

Mahar Wall of Fame - Greg Dunbar

Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Walt Disney Co.
Fun Facts: My job did not exist during my time at Mahar. I oversee digital marketing campaigns for movies and TV series. The job is different every day.

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Dylan Robichaud
Mahar Class of 2012

Mahar Wall of Fame - Dylan Robichaud

Chief Meteorologist
Fun Facts: I present the nightly weathercasts on live TV at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 p.m. My college degree was in journalism, then I enrolled in an online meteorology program to gain forecasting credentials. I have worked in LA, WI, and OR.

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Hunter Apteker
Mahar Class of 2017

Mahar Wall of Fame - Hunter

Construction Project Manager
Fun Facts: I started working in construction management by surveying construction sites as a drone pilot at UMASS Amherst.

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Kaila Richard
Mahar Class of 2015

Mahar Wall of Fame - Kaila Richard

Emergency Department Nurse
Fun Facts: Over the span of my career in the ER, I’ve delivered a baby, held a heart that was bleeding from a gunshot wound, and worked in a cardiac trauma department during COVID.

Meet Kaila Richard

Pam & Pennie Smith
Mahar Class of 1969

Mahar Wall of Fame - Pam & Pennie Smith

English Teachers
Fun Facts: English teachers from 1973–2016 and Key Club Advisors since 1976. Served on numerous town committees and modeled the joy of serving their community.

Meet Pam & Pennie Smith

Brittany Adams
Mahar Class of 2009

Mahar Wall of Fame - Brittany Adams

Occupational Therapy Department Chair and Program Director, Assistant Professor WNE
Fun Facts: I became an OT in 2013 and I have worked in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, elementary schools, and homes, and now I am teaching the next generation of OTs! I love that my job as an OT allows me to continue to serve every single day.

Meet Brittany Adams

Dr. Ruth Potee
Mahar Class of 1986

Mahar Wall of Fame - Dr. Ruth Potee

Medical Director
Fun Facts: I am a family physician and addiction doctor who speaks nationally on addiction issues. My first foray into public health was to end smoking at Mahar, a common practice in schools in the 1980s.

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